Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today's Run

How did I prepare for today's hearing? Packed a bag of clothes for a post-hearing run!

No, seriously. Today was the third and final installment in a rather lengthy hearing. 3 months lengthy. One of the many things I did to prepare for today's installment was to prepare for my post-hearing sanity. This included: shorts, shirt, shoes, water bottle and salt tablets.

We began at 8:30 and finished at 12:30. After some post-hearing follow up with clients, I donned the running attire and headed out to SLOWLY tackle Stillwater hills.

I set the daunting goal of attempting to run hills in such a manner that I would bring my heart rate down as I ascended. I think it's possible, but I certainly wasn't able to do it today. At best, I was able to keep my heart rate from topping 175 - and this is on a hill that takes 2 minutes to run up. I ran five hills

It felt great. I'm very thankful to be running again with it only being 9 days since I ran those 93 miles.

Tonight, Zeke talked me into giving him and Lizzie under-dogs out on the swings. Levi talked me and the older kids into a game of Apples to Apples. Marty talked me and the whole gang into a walk around the block (an additional mile for the log book). I talked the older kids into beginning another MST3K movie, "Attack of the Gila Monsters." I talked no one into anything!


Chris Swenke said...


I wanted to congratulate you on your 93 mile jaunt. Very, very impressive. I kick myself for not coming out and at least cheering you on. Maybe next year.

How are you feeling about Afton? I've been taking yours and others advice and am looking forward to the race. Go out slow, walk the hills and just enjoy it. It's coming up quick. Look forward to seeing you out there.


Unknown said...


Steve G and Bill P have a running plan that is a little bit different that I may just try at Afton this year because I've not got much training in.
THey walk the up hills and the flats and only run the downhills.
I think I may stick with them during the Afton race.