Monday, June 21, 2010

Capitalist Sense of Personal Responsibilty

That was in my last post but it just isn't the right way to describe what I was getting at.

What I was describing doesn't have anything to do with capitalism or with a notion of creating wealth.

What I was attempting to say was that the way I deal with people heading down a wrong moral path is wrong. I think things like, "They need to change. I need to tell them they're wrong, and if they don't change, then leave them to their own devises." I think, "They need to take personal responsibility for their errors."

What I meant to say in the last post is that God's grace doesn't deal with us that way. God enters the path of error with me in order to draw me out of the path of error.

That's what I recently saw and experienced. That's what I'm not good at. That's what rescues people.


Julie Ann Fee said...

isn't it amazing of God to take us to certain places, allowing us a glimpse of our own sin and possible destruction, only then to snatch us out, by His mercy, to help teach us thankfulness and to teach us to have compassion towards others in sin as we are not above any sin.
thanks for both these posts.

Unknown said...

Julie, absolutely true.