Friday, June 4, 2010

Inviting Interruptions

The Button family bluegrass band will be performing today at the Desiring God picnic at the North Campus site. Larry Agnew was so kind as to invite them and join them on accordion.

The kids have spent the last week practicing their set, and in the process, straining the limits of their patience for each other.

Emma will be playing fiddle and guitar, Eli is on fiddle, Grace plays mandolin, and Levi will be a guest singer in two songs.


Helen said...

Love it!

Best of Luck at FANS - I'll see you in the morning as I'm volunteering at registration but am then heading to KM100 to pace - otherwise I would love to have paced with you also!

Julie Ann Fee said...

do you have a video of this??? Sean love Blue Grass and we would love to watch/hear it. what fun!