Monday, June 14, 2010

Posts about Kids

I'm working on it. I'm writing descriptions of each of the kids (7) right now. I thought it best to write a little "off blog" about each kid first so that the creative juices get spread out over all the kids a little more evenly.

If I start blogging live, I either start with Emma the oldest or Sadie the youngest. Then, as is typical with most of my life, the writings about the first kids would be less good and funny than subsequent kids. Also, the later kids might just get described in bullet points, while the earlier kids would get full-on, descriptive paragraphs.

Also, there might be days, weeks, even months between each kid's blogs if I try to write them separately. This might cause great confusion among blog readers who 1) might be gearing up to read about each child in quick succession or 2) stumble upon my blog between kid-descriptive blogs and make the horrible mistake of assuming incorrectly that we have 3 children. When you have 7 you really want all assumptions about the number of children to be sufficiently weighty and substantial. No wimpy assumption when the day includes everything from under-dog pushes to college planning, from games of Apples to Apples to incessant drooling due to new teeth.

So, if possible, wait. Descriptive posts about each child are soon in coming.

Oh, today I ran up 4 flights of stairs. In dress shoes. It felt glorious.
Tomorrow, slow repeat hills in downtown Stillwater as a post-hearing stress release.

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