Friday, June 4, 2010

Blogging about the Kids

Next week, I hope to start blogging a little more frequently and will begin by highlighting each of the seven children in their own blog post. As I have thought about doing this, I have thought about what all of the kids have in common and what they all don't have in common.

Here's my short lists.
In common:
• they are all highly verbal. There is so much conversation in our house that we often have to have periods of no talking. Even Sadie can carry her own "verbal weight." Lizzie's language is a combination of massacred English words, Amharic vowel and consonant sounds, and hysteric excitement.
• they all love to swim
• they all read
• no child is Asian, although several had Mongolian spots when born.

Not in common:
• they fall asleep at different times.
• they each are able to time their interruptions such that there is a constant, unending assault on concentration.

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DT said...

Nice post! I can see that everything is coming together in the very best possible way. Everyone growing in many areas. Even the "not in common" has parental sanctification in view.