Sunday, June 27, 2010

Messages in BIG LETTERS

My last post reminded me of another suit incident.

About two months ago, I found a great designer suit at Goodwill. Yes, Goodwill.
Inspite of hanging the suit outside, in the garage and several other highly volatile areas, the suit still smelled.

Now, the label states in large letters, DRY CLEAN ONLY. Nevertheless, I threw it in the washing machine.

I would never throw a suit in the dryer. No way. That's stupid. But the washer? It's just water, right?

Was I ever wrong. The suit came out small. Really small. It wouldn't fit on many dogs.

So, I've learned my lesson. When a message is in LARGE PRINT, it's serious.


Julie Ann Fee said...

you should talk to sean. i bought him a sweater, but it didn't really look like a sweater, it was really thin like a shirt. i didn't check to see what it was made out of and when i pulled it out of the dryer(!!!!) it was too small to even fit Cole and this was like three years ago. i felt like a really cool wife. herr.

Unknown said...

I recently put a nice dress shirt in the wash before taking it to the drycleaners. It came out with blue stains all over it. Cheri wine maybe?