Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Tonight on FB, I noticed Helen Lavin's status was a link to her Bighorn 50M race report. Helen, I'll read it tomorrow, need to get to bed tonight.

However, I then realized that I did not have a link on my blog site to Helen's blog. I can't believe it. How insensitive of me.

Helen is one of my greatest ultra running heroes, primarily because she is so down to earth. I really started to get to know Helen this winter when she participated in my little underground, night, full-moon run on the frozen St. Croix River from Marine down to Stillwater. She was a great help as she and I ran out looking for another runner who had missed the halfway aid station. Then she ran with Marty to the high bridge. All the while, tending to the conversation, the path, the perils, the cold with great grace.

Lots of other nice things to say about Helen, but you'd be better served by just going over and reading her blog. Helen, you're a great person and runner.

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Chris Swenke said...

Do we have to say "missed"?

Couldn't we just say "relentlessly charged through the halfway point"? :-)

Looking forward to chatting at little warmer temperatures this weekend.