Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fitted Shirt

It's come to this. And it's just the beginning.

Several weeks ago, while sliding the iPhone into my dress slacks, I ripped a corner of the pocket. I really only have two functional suits at the present time, and since I had a custody hearing the next day, this meant that I would not be wearing the blue suit. While the rip was small, visions of bigger splits went through my mind, and I figured why take a chance.

This past week, I went looking for a new suit. Now, I'm going to get the rip fixed, but it really is time to get a new suit as I spend most of my days wearing suits.

So, I found a nice, relatively inexpensive suit and while it was getting fitted, two major developments took place. First, the tailor suggested that I try a 39 regular rather then my normal 40. Since there were no 39s, she suggested that I just try a 38. I did. It fit great.

Now, I must define great. I like wearing loose fitting clothes - I want to be able to move my arms and not have the shirt pull too tightly. Suits are notorious for being tight. Consequently, I have always purchased suits based on how much looseness I can get.
The 38R is not loose. In fact, it's tight across the back of the arms. But it looks great. I've always been told that a suit should fit a little tight, but I have rebelled against that until now.

So, the second development... as I'm getting fitted, I point out that my dress shirts are always bulgy at the waist. The tailor told me exactly what I expected and did not want to hear, "You should wear fitted shirts."

I tried a fitted shirt many years ago. I could barely breathe. I have not worn one since.

After getting fitted for the suit, I bought a fitted shirt. I was going to wear it to church this morning for a trial run, but it was much too formal. However, it felt great. Yes, it was tighter than I like, but here's the point of this blog.

I'm getting older. It's time to wear fitted shirts, to wear a suit to the office a little more, to feel a little restriction.

However, if you see me on the trail wearing spandex, shoot me and claim you thought I was a deer. It will be a mercy killing.


Julie Ann Fee said...

you are so damn funny....lmao. Would you please tell sean to buy a fitted shirt. he won't. i think he would look awesome in one, as most people look better in clothes that fit them! Go figure. And of course your blog tonight would merit a comment. nice one joel.

Unknown said...

I try.
You'll have to make certain to blog about your run this weekend. Sean told me his goal was to kick you ass.