Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Officially "no"

At the beginning of the year, I had said that since we were pursuing adoption, this would not be the year to fill a racing calendar. I haven't. There are aspects of my well-being that feel this deeply.
But it's been a good decision. It's a good year to scale back.

Nevertheless, this week I've been thinking about Leadville. See, over the past 3-4 months, I've nailed down my mistakes and determined how to re-pass Hope Pass.

Last night I brought up the subject.

I have a great wife. We sat by the pool after she had had an exhausting day directing a great first-day of fiddle camp. In her lap was Sadie drinking her bottle. In the pool were four screaming and wrestling boys - two not our own. Two toddlers frittered about on the deck, always on the verge of falling into the sea-of-drowning-death, and two older girls coming in and out of the conversation with various IMPORTANT questions.

In spite of all that confusion and kid-fusion, and with the prospect of me spending a week in the mountains by myself, she didn't freak out. She simply reminded me that this would probably not be the best year because it costs so much money to make that race happen.

She is right. And her response was what I needed to be smart.
That has been happening in many areas of my life right now. I am very appreciative.

Marty did suggest that I could look for a closer 100 miler.

So, I'm considering the race that I vowed I would never attempt. Yes, you guessed: Sawtooth 100. From what I have heard, and compared to my experiences at Leadville, Sawtooth is more difficult.

So, Steve G, Bill and others, I need to start getting your advice?


SteveQ said...

I see you intentionally don't want MY advice! I just posted a series with my advice, specifically for Sawtooth (#2 and #3 in the series are good).

Unknown said...

You are one of my ultra heroes, primarily because you are self-deprecating. I'll definitely read your posts.


Helen said...

Unlike Steve I am okay being in the "others" category ;)

You have the best wife - you guys are so cool just taking EVERYTHING in your stride.

Sawtooth is a tough one but it's so pretty and if you trained a lot at Afton you'd be in good shape - sure some of the most technical sections on the SHT are worse but it's doable if you're prepared for a fair amount of walking. You definitely have the endurance and the mind for a race with Sawtooth. And it's so much fun knowing so many of the runners.

Unknown said...

Helen, you are also one of my heroes. I haven't discussed Sawtooth specifically with Marty yet, but if it's a go, I'm calling you for advice.
BTW, Marty just loves you.