Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trails At O'Brien

Good run this morning at O'Brien. Ran second loop with negative split. I've been paying for it all day.
Two Stella Artoises and things are much better!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do You Want to Pace Me - at Midnight?

I'm looking for folks who would like to run with me through the night, June 5 into June 6.
Around Lake Nokomis. Mostly hard surfaces...

Last year, it rained most of the evening, then the sky opened up around 4am. I really can't imagine that this year would be any worse than last year.

If you're interested, bring:
running shoes
varied types of clothing (prepare for very hot, very cold, dry, wet, windy, calm)
water bottle
good stories
the ability to be quiet at times and just enjoy the night
maybe an iPod for yourself

Would love the company.

Upcoming Races

It's Official!
Two upcoming races on the calendar.

Next Saturday will be my second running of FANS 24 Hr. Check it out at here. Last year I got in 86 miles in the midst of freezing rain, wind, and more rain. This year... I'm shooting for 100, but that's pretty aggressive given that I have not been training. If I can get 60 miles in within the first 12 hours, I've got a shot at it.

Then, July 3 is Afton 50K. It will be brutal because it will be hot, hilly, dusty and buggy; not to mention that I'm out of shape.

It's fine, though. Life always looks better when there is a race or run on the horizon.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blogging from iPhone now, hopefully.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two Rivers Shuffle. May 15, 2010. 23 Miles

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Uploading Photos is more Difficult that Ultra Running

This evening, I am attempting to upload photos from Saturday's Urban Trail Run. It was going to be an ultra, but at 23.4, we decided we had had enough. Lots of reasons: hot, very difficult terrain (and in the cities), and being terribly out of shape.

But it was so very nice to be back out on the trails. And there were many miles of secluded trails that we ran - right in the heart of Minneapolis.

So, here I am trying to upload 55 photos onto Picassa. It crashes after every 12 photos. Shutterfly might actually work better. You'll know once I post the link here!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Superior Trail

While up North, Marty and I were able to escape twice to run on the Superior Trail. We drove 3 miles up the hill from our cabin to where the Trail crossed the highway.

The first day, we ran north. This took us above Caribou Lake for several incredible views of the lake and several views of Lake Superior. The trail was incredible: soft, bug-less, and single-track.

On our second run, we headed south from the highway toward Lake Agnes. As we ran, I commented to Marty that it felt like we were nearing a lake. Within less than a minute, it appeared in front of us. We ran along the lake until we reached a point of land jutting out into the lake. No houses on the lake; not even a cabin.

My next goal: to run the Superior Trail from Canada to Duluth. Someone must have done it already. There must be a record time. Anyone else interested? I think it would have to be done in the spring or fall to avoid the heat and the bugs. This week would have been perfect.

I Caught Another Worm

This past week, we vacationed on the North Shore. Emma had asked if we could do something different this year. So, I found a guy who would take us fishing on an inland lake. It turned out to be Lake Elbow, just off the Gunflint Trail.

We caught lots of Perch. Zeke caught the first one. Then, he kept reeling in to find that he had "caught another worm."