Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two Rivers Shuffle. May 15, 2010. 23 Miles

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Chris Swenke said...


Looks like a great run and what a great day to do it.

Are you considering running the Stillwater Marathon? Since it's practically in your backyard and all.

I'd like to pick your brain about running the Afton 50k sometime. Maybe we can get in loop before July.


Unknown said...


Not running Stillwater Marathon yet. With the adoptions, we've been very busy.
Training for a marathon is much more difficult for me than training for an ultra - so I typically only do the Twin Cities Marathon each year.
The Afton 50K - would love to talk about that anytime. Have you done the 25K? If not, do it this year. If you have, jump up to the 50K this year.
Let's get together for coffee and running talk in the next week.
Call me: 651-439-9284

Mike W. said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

I recognized most of the areas you were running in, any chance you could share your route? The area with the rocks looks like a good place to run and I am not sure where that was from.

DT said...

Thanks for the ride! Lots of good bridge inspection work. Maybe one of those taggers will sign on to the next run.