Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do You Want to Pace Me - at Midnight?

I'm looking for folks who would like to run with me through the night, June 5 into June 6.
Around Lake Nokomis. Mostly hard surfaces...

Last year, it rained most of the evening, then the sky opened up around 4am. I really can't imagine that this year would be any worse than last year.

If you're interested, bring:
running shoes
varied types of clothing (prepare for very hot, very cold, dry, wet, windy, calm)
water bottle
good stories
the ability to be quiet at times and just enjoy the night
maybe an iPod for yourself

Would love the company.


chris Swenke said...

I'm thinking about this - but have to see how I feel after the Marathon this week and 10k next Saturday.

What kinda pace you going to be at around midnight?


SteveQ said...

I may stop by.

Steve said...

Joel, I work at REI until 9:30 that night. I'll stop down after work to check where you're at and what your needs are. The wife and kid will be out of town, so I'm completely available. Looking forward to seeing you!