Friday, May 7, 2010

Superior Trail

While up North, Marty and I were able to escape twice to run on the Superior Trail. We drove 3 miles up the hill from our cabin to where the Trail crossed the highway.

The first day, we ran north. This took us above Caribou Lake for several incredible views of the lake and several views of Lake Superior. The trail was incredible: soft, bug-less, and single-track.

On our second run, we headed south from the highway toward Lake Agnes. As we ran, I commented to Marty that it felt like we were nearing a lake. Within less than a minute, it appeared in front of us. We ran along the lake until we reached a point of land jutting out into the lake. No houses on the lake; not even a cabin.

My next goal: to run the Superior Trail from Canada to Duluth. Someone must have done it already. There must be a record time. Anyone else interested? I think it would have to be done in the spring or fall to avoid the heat and the bugs. This week would have been perfect.


wildknits said...

Joel, it has been done by at least two folks - or at least the SHT as it currently exists (Two Harbors to Canada - or just about).

Can't remember the times, but I bet they wouldn't be too hard to find.

Few more years and the trail will be connected to the Duluth section!

You picked a great section to run - so beautiful there. Did you venture into the cedar forest past Lake Agnes? How did you like the cedar stairway?

Helen said...

Erik Kaitala from Duluth has the record but can't rem what time. Then Alicia Huddelson got close last year - she just moved to the Twin Cities from Duluth - she is thinking of doing it again this year. I will find out the times for you. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun up north with all the family.

Bill Pomerenke said...

Been a lurker on your blog, but I'd be up for it(

Scott said...

I think Erik completed that run shortly before the Spring races last year, and they announced it at the post-race gathering. I think his time was 4 days and change - I remember him telling someone he did just over 40 miles per day. I thought I even heard it was self-supported but that seems ridiculous at that time of year - packing enough layers, etc.

I would love to through hike or run the SHT one of these years!