Friday, January 9, 2009

We're Not Alone

Marty and I are not alone in our quest to be caffeine free.

My roommate from college has stopped drinking Diet Pepsi. He went cold turkey and is not looking back.

Dana from soccer started saying goodbye to caffeine about a month ago. Her stories of struggle sound a lot like ours; headaches, and feeling like you've lost a good friend and some great watering holes. Like us, she mentioned that she feels better and is sleeping better.

For both Bob and Dana, it sounds like lots of water is the key. For Marty and me, we've found that uncontrollable weeping seems to take the edge off.

Girls got back home from a week in NY. Christmas with grandpa and grandma this evening.

Fun game of soccer tonight.

Painting my office tomorrow. Color: bamboo.

Run? Maybe tomorrow afternoon.


Jenna said...

it looks like i'm going to be the only one at starbucks soon. and they'll have to raise the cost of a venti latte to one million dollars just to cover costs. thanks a lot.

Our Family said...

"uncontrollable weeping" I'm dying laughing (while sipping some Caribou, just kidding).