Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Really, Really Like Coffee. A lot.

Technically, I like caffeine.

Marty lamented this afternoon that she thinks about coffee all the time.
I reminded her that we thought about coffee all the time before, as well.

Before, while I was drinking no fewer than 2 double shot espressos daily, I:
• was often frantic
• felt like I had dark circles under my eyes
• had periods during the day, usually around 5pm, when I thought I could sleep standing up
• thought about when the next espresso was coming
• got lots of stuff done.

Now, I:
• sleep really well
• don't feel perpetually peppy
• think about when the next espresso is coming
• think about the futility of drinking the decaf espresso
• wander around the house aimlessly on a Saturday

I think it may only be in hindsight that I'm able to say that kicking caffeine was a good thing.

1 comment:

David Ray said...

Maybe just back off to regular coffee. Instead of that double shot killer espresso.

Just a thought.

I can identify with the aimless wandering on a Saturday.