Saturday, January 17, 2009


Marty and the kids have been in AZ since Tuesday. They get back Monday.
As always, I imagine how much I will enjoy the freedom. Freedom to read, get house projects done, watch a movie, run often.

I don't know if freedom is that great of a thing. Family life is too full, too rich to have this type of freedom, without family.

I have remodeled our front closet, replacing the hangers with hooks. After years of trying to fit in, pretend that we are someone we aren't, I've removed the coat hangers. We are not a hanger family. We are a hook family.

I've also resealed the slate entrance area.

Next, start studying for the WI bar exam.

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David Ray said...

I like the hook idea. We don't like the coat hangers either.

My family goes away and I get a bit crazy. Just a bit.