Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just an Update

Thursday evening, I started a run on the treadmill but had to stop at 24 minutes as a good friend drove off our driveway. We pulled her out, but I was unable to get the rest of the run in.

Last night, during our first soccer game, one of our players, Sharri, got hit in the chest with a soccer ball. It knocked her down and sent her to the hospital. She fractured a rib but as far as I know, she's fine and desirous to play next week.

During the second game, I played defense. It was a lot of fun. Two brothers from Lebanon dominated the game. Fortunately, I was on their team.

At home, we stayed up with our friends from Iowa, Leah and Elisabeth, drinking wine and eating cheese until 2am. Lots of stories from Cono, the boarding school where we used to live and work.

Marty and Leah started talking about doing Trail Mix again this April.

Two things I am not doing enough of:
1. Running
2. Studying for the WI Bar exam


David Ray said...

One thing you are doing enough of:

1. Living

What does "fell off driveway" mean?

Unknown said...

At the bottom of our driveway, the driveway turns and sits about 2-3 feet above the lawn as a culvert goes underneath it. Our friend turned too sharply and drove her rear wheel over the edge of the paved section. Once one wheel is over, the underside of the the car, van in this case, rests on the asphalt.
It's almost impossible to drive oneself out of such a jam.

David Ray said...

Ouch. I've seen that before. Hopefully there was no damage.