Saturday, January 17, 2009


Last night, I was able to play for another team during the 10pm time. What a rush! They knew how to place the ball, run plays. Now, I'm not a very good soccer player, but it was really fun to play with them. Yes, it was much more serious play, but it felt great to be playing as part of a well-working machine.

During the 9pm game, I managed to run right into another player. Sorry, Nancy.

The one problem I face with continuing to play soccer, is that it leaves my ankles in bad shape. Last year, I almost did not play the second season because it was affecting my training. My plan for this year had been to only play until Christmas, then drop so I could focus on running in the new year. So far, I'm playing more soccer and running less.


wildknits said...

Think of soccer as speed training and building those stabilizing muscles. that is my justification for continuing with soccer (i hate speedwork and tracks).

It is so fun to play with skilled players - I have learned much in the years I have been playing in the adult league. Nice to see another runner who also plays the game.

I see it as an interesting cross-training experience - the running gives me the stamina for 3 hours of indoor soccer, the soccer builds some of my speed.

keith said...

without fail, every time I play soccer = massive ankle sprains. Perhaps I should play barefoot.

wildknits said...

Whenever I play I end up with interesting bruises ;-> This past week I took a spectacular fall, bounced back up, but a day later was nursing a sore shoulder (avoided smacking my face on the floor by landing on my left arm and chest - and apparently shoulder).

And Keith - my ankles can take a beating too. I can tell when I am tired as I start rolling my ankles more. Soccer shoes are as close to barefoot as I dare get, considering I run in motion control shoes and orthotics most of the time ;->