Saturday, January 3, 2009

Things I Learned during Soccer Last Night

Marty and I play soccer in an adult soccer league. Our team is El Feugo. In the past two years, we've collected about 2 wins. Yes, 2 wins... Marty just questioned this number. We've accumulated about 10 goals in no fewer than 2,478 games.

Before Christmas, I took a likely goal from another player as he was within about 5 feet of the goal. In the spirit of Christmas, he gave me one of the largest and deepest bruises on my left calf that I've ever experienced.

The calf has given me so much trouble ever since, that I've considered going to get it checked...just to make sure it isn't a rare form of cancer that might result in needing to have my leg amputated. Yes, I've drifted to sleep many a night wondering how I would run the single track section at Afton State Park with a prosthetic.

I learned last night, that I probably just have a healing bruise and not cancer. This is because, as I played, it seemed to loosen up and gave me no trouble.

I also learned that I'm not a sprinter-athlete. I literally need to sub out every 5 minutes because I get so tired. Now, if we could play a 12 hour soccer game, I might be able to hold my own.

I also learned that I'm not as good of a soccer player as I'd like. I'm pretty sure that at this stage in my life, I do not want to go to great lengths to become the type of soccer player I imagine myself to be. I'll save the good playing for FIFA '06 on Playstation.

I also learned that a fellow player is also weaning herself off caffeine. She's taking a more reasonable, non-cold-turkey approach. She's easing herself off slowly. She'd like to escape poor sleep and the jitters. By the sheer power that caffeine holds over us, Marty and I resort to her approach about every other day. Good luck to her and to us!

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