Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Out of the Pot and into the Frying Pan

Today was yet another completely caffeine-free day. While I feel good, I did crash this afternoon around 2:30. That, however, was most likely caused by the large lunch I ate.

Large lunch?
"Don't you survive on sliced turkey, cheese and mustard sandwiches for lunch?"

Not any longer! At least not on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

That's because I am, as of 12:16 today, an official member of the Lions Club. And with that membership comes many perks. So far...the official Lions Club pin and a weekly lunch, which always includes a dessert. Lions Club meets on Tuesdays. Today is Tuesday, so I really think it was the
au gratin potatoes that caused me to crash and not a lack of caffeine. Thank goodness. Note to self for next Tuesday: more from the fruit bowl and less from the potato pan.

Thursdays ... Rotary Club. Ditto the above, although I'm not yet a full, pin-wearing member yet.

I digress. The point of this blog is to relate that while I'm saying goodbye to the caffeine addiction, I'm afraid I've picked up a new one:


Steve said...

Joel, we all have our "weaknesses". I think it's great you are really trying hard and succeeding at defeating one of yours. For me, my weakness is chocolate and/or ice cream. I've been doing really well with the ice cream, but the chocolate.............well, it was kinda tough around the holidays. Hee hee. Plus, I hate to see it go to waste, since I'm the only true chocolate hound in the house. Keep it up!

David Ray said...

I think I'd require coffee to get through a Rotary lunch.

But that's just me.