Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An Update in Order to Remain Consistent

I'm on a roll, what with going without caffeine and blogging every day.

Today, I had a small amount (the depth of the width of my index finger) of caffeinated coffee in my cup of decaf. It was just enough to remove the I-can't get-anything-done-this-afternoon feeling but not enough to make me anxious.

Also, I'm just about ready to start running again. I looked at my running log from 2008. I started running again on Jan 14 last year.
I'd like to get out before that date.
I'd like to put in more miles than last year.
I'd like to run more than just once a week this year.
I'd like to run more 50Ks and 50 milers (races) this year.
I'm going to have to run more miles on the road this year.
I'd like to run Fans 24 Hour this year.
I'd love to run Superior 100 but am scared to death of the Superior Trail. Actually, it's my ankles that are scared.

1 comment:

David Ray said...

You have not been given a spirit of fear etc. Superior sounds like fun. I remember reading a report last year describing the ordeal.

Hey, if you can quit coffee, you can do anything.