Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All Good Under the Hood

The doctor visit today ruled out a crushed disk as the culprit of this pain in the hamstrings.

So, I think I'll take a few days of rest from running and just see if rest solves it.

I finally broke down last week and purchased a pair of road shoes. It's been over 2 years since I bought road shoes.

I gave in because I would really like to run FANS 24 this year. As far as I can tell, this is all on pavement (unless one can dodge dogs and other runners on the grass and worn trail next to the pavement around Lake Harriet). Consequently, this means I'll need to put more miles on pavement.

This may actually be o'kay. Pete and I won't be able to run as much together this year, and I'm not as inclined to drive down to Afton or up to Wild River by myself. This means I'll be doing more training from home. It will save time and gas.

I've a great 20-25 mile road run through the country-side that takes me from home, up to Marine on the St. Croix, and all the way back on highway 95. These runs just mean packing more food and liquids as there isn't a good way to leave drop bags.

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SteveQ said...

I'm currently thinking of doing the FANS 12-hour (24, if things start getting better soon) and Lean Horse 100 Mile, so maybe we should think about training together. Lean Horse reaches an elevation of (I think) 6600 feet, nothing like Leadville.