Saturday, January 10, 2009

Looking for Advice

I'd like to run two 50Ks in April as the official kick-off to the 2009 season.
I've got to buckle-down and study for the WI Bar Exam. The materials will arrive next week. The exam is at the end of February.

I need to start getting long runs in. I'm not certain how to schedule my runs now that I have a real job!

Please tell me:
1) how you balance running with family, job and all other things, and
2) when you get your runs in: mornings, evenings, lunch hour.



David Ray said...

I didn't know you could take the bar exam with the Wii. That's pretty cool.

My long runs are weekend mornings. I have permission to run Saturday mornings. I'll head to a local trail and go 2-4 hours.

Then maybe a shorter road run on Sunday morning if I can get it done before church.

Adam said...

By getting up early. Real early. I'm able to balance work, family and as much working out as I want in most cases by just eliminating other activities. Some people like to watch TV, some people like to read the paper and drink coffee for an hour on the weekends (not you anymore!) All my leisure 'me time' is spent working out. Good luck on the bar!

Anonymous said...

I try to keep my running under a if a dog is chasing me, or I'm in a hurry to get inside because my favorite TV show is about to start. I find this method significantly increases my family time, but even more important, it allows me sit around and eat more as I literally feel my pants getting tighter.

SteveQ said...

I don't keep any balance in my life and I run when I feel like it. I wouldn't recommend my way to anyone else, though.


I have no good advice for you. I'm working pretty much every day, haven't run in months, have no immediate plans to begin as I'll be out of town for work until the end of the month. I guess I could run but starting my year trying to run at altitude in Ouray, CO and the polution of Salt Lake City will probably do more bad than good. I think February sounds like a good time to get started....maybe.

Steve said...

Joel, I've been in the same boat as you are. My best advice is to arrange a day once during the week that your wife can take care of the kids on her own while you get a workout in, then get long runs in on weekend mornings. Your other option during the week is to do what I've been doing, which is to do some night running a couple of weekdays. I think the overall key is to talk to your wife and family about it and make a plan so that everyone knows when you will run and it will then become a part of "normal" life. Best of luck and hit me up sometime for a good run on the weekend!