Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Trials or Trails

I've been mispelling and mixing these two words since January.  Both have been on my mind a lot.  Both have dictated a lot of my life lately.  

One of my last classes in law school is Legal Practicum.  It involves working on multiple cases, most of which involve some form of litigation.  Litigations involve trials.  Thus, I end up writing the word "trial" quite often.

This year, Pete and I have our eyes on running a few more trail races than last year.  We've been able to run almost every Monday on the trails at Wild River.  Thus, I end up thinking about trails quite often.

A trail run can be something of a trial, in the non-legal sense.  I'm not certain how a trial is like a trail, except that, at the end of this month I have a 5 hour trial and that seems about as long as some trail runs.  (but not as enjoyable)


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