Monday, April 21, 2008

Early in the race, Pete (on right) and I ran with Brent (in blue).  Brent had a great pace, attitude and strength.  I met Brent last week at Chippewa.  

Also early in the race, we caught a glimpse of my wife Marty (on right) and friend Leah.  They were running the 25K and were running so fast that they were really only a blur.

This is a rare moment when I was in front of running partner Pete.  

During the third lap, Rick and Angel (I hope these are your correct names because I was a little out of it) took my picture.  Thanks!

Self-portrait at the Marathon Mark.  This is becoming a tradition.

Understated, self-deprecating, and dry humor make this the funniest ultra-runner I know.  And, he won the men's 50K.


SteveQ said...

I LOVE THAT PHOTO! I'm gonna have to steal that one and use it on my blog. Great race, by the way.


Nice job Joel!
Good photos. Marty is amazing! I'm glad we don't run with her. She's way too fast for our trudging pace.

Kel said...

Cool photos! Hope to meet up with you on the trails...

phillip gary said...

It's that yellow shirt that makes Mr. Quick look so . . . so Forward Looking.

How many times can you get a rhyme from the winner's names in Trail Running?

Eve and Steve;
You better Believe!

These 50km races in the
Fab 5 Fifties ultra series are turning out to be a heckuva lot of fun.

Joel, nice job getting runners to take your photo during a race out on the course. That's a good idea!

Phillip Gary Smith