Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cancer and Wolde

Addis Alem, age 17.

I've never had to deal with cancer.  One of my grandmothers died of cancer while I was in college.  I was distant.  

Mamo Wolde was an Ethiopian olympian. He was imprisoned by his own country. He died of liver cancer and complications of that imprisonment. Miraculously, we were able to get his children and his wife to America about 5 years ago. Addis Alem and Tabor ended up living with us for several years.

Yesterday, Addis was admitted to the hospital. Today, surgery to remove and inspect a tumor above and attached to an ovary. The tumor is malignant and larger than hoped; 8 lymph glands were removed; an ovary removed and possibly the second.

Last night, she told me that she had recently gotten in trouble.  
Her mother had given her the keys to their van to clean out the inside.  
Addis had repeatedly asked if she could drive alone to the store.  
Mom repeatedly said, "No."  
Addis drove to Walgreens.  
Her brother Tabor called her and said, "You're in trouble."  
"Did your mom chase you around with the broom like she does with Tabor?" I asked.
No, Addis got the silent treatment all night.

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Jenny said...

Wow, Joel. I'll be praying for her for sure.

Matthew Patten said...


I will be praying for her.

I have had the honor to work with many Ethiopians in my previous job. I found them to be some of the happiest and gracious people I have met.

It is great what you have done, and what great witness and testimony to the lord.

believe it or not, I have had Ethiopian beer. It's not bad.

see you on the trails.

Waldemar Family said...

We are so blown away by this turn of events. We love Addis and are praying.

Unknown said...

hey Addis, how are you? if you open this page, this is Nahome from elementary and midle school in Ethiopia. if you can,please email me okay. my email address is nahomeyebassew@yahoo.com. God bless you.