Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chippewa Moraine Ice Age 50K

I ran 50 kilometers on the Ice Age Trail today in the inaugural run of the Chippewa Moraine Ice Age 50K
Without exaggeration, it was brutal. The photos over the next few days will help explain.

From Start...
(that's Wynn Davis, the Race Director)

To Finish.


phillip gary said...

I think you're the first to get those great snow photos online of the Chip-Moraine snow-ultra yesterday.
I believe we spoke as you headed in, and I continued out on my snowshoe adventure. I'm pleased to have completed this ultra on snowshoes as it will likely never be done again. Not only because of the unusual circumstances that created the perfect conditions for the attempt on Saturday, but since next year's race is two weeks later -- well, the weather odds go down for such a perfectly timed storm.
And besides . . . who would want the additional misery :)

It was a memorable inaugural not only for the race for also for the
kick-off of the Fab 5 Fifties Ultra Series.
One heckuva deal.

Hope you were pleased with your finish. Now, on to TrailMix.
Phillip Gary Smith

Emma said...

happy to see some healthy, wholesome, food waiting for you to get down with your run!

Matthew Patten said...


Great to finally meet you yesterday.

Brutal is right. That was "one to finish."

I don't think we will see one like it again.