Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quick Gratitude

I've had the opportunity tonight to look at a few blogs.  I'm honored that others have a link to my blog from their blog.  What a privilege.  I am thankful for this gesture of support.

On a separate note of gratitude: if the weather holds, Pete and I will be driving into Wisconsin early Saturday morning to run the Chippewa Moraine 50K.  I can't wait!  I signed up for it almost a year ago when it was first announced.  See, Pete lives on the Ice Age Trail in western WI.  We ran a 40 miler on the Ice Age Trail in the fall of 2006.  Three of us ran it.  We ran a 50 miler last fall.  Only Pete and I ran.  Both years were brutal.  The trail is tough.

There is an official Ice Age Trail run way over on the east side of Wisconsin that I've dreamed of running.  It's so far away. Then, Chippewa Moraine was announced, and it's only 2 hours away.
I can't wait to run on another section of the Ice Age Trail, and I look forward to meeting some folks that I've come to know through blogging.

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tiffany said...

I really like your blog. Maybe because it has to do with running? Anyway, I hope you get lots of readers.