Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bike Runs

Our six year old has just begun to ride a bike ... without training wheels.  So, while I had hoped to NOT run this week, recovering from Trail Mix, I have found myself sprinting behind a wobbling, helmeted, knee-scraped bundle of non-stop effort named Levi.

Today, as the distance between him and me increased, I noticed that I felt pretty good.  
It actually felt great to run again; to stride out, lift the knees, pump the arms.  However, by the time I reached the neighbor's mailbox, I was done.  My little "Floyd Landis" was not.
Sometimes, as my previous blog mentions, I run for myself.  Sometimes, I run for others.  I think the later will be remembered and appreciated more.



I'm glad to hear Levi is on his bike but a little disappointed that he's doping like Floyd. I really think he's too young for steroids.

Anonymous said...

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Emma said...

Nice description of Levi... but now I think that Levi should get a chance to describe you in three words.
Oh, and I think you might want to check out
knock yourself out.