Thursday, June 26, 2008

Zoo Fun

Tuesday, mom got a little break from 

.... requests for drinks, spills, cries, discipline, cries, screams, requests for food, requests for something to do....

I went to the zoo. 

The kids came along, so mom also got a reprieve from them as well.

Our favorite exhibit was the butterfly house. Absolutely incredible.
If you go to the MN Zoo, spend your time here.  
The Russian Grizzly Bear exhibit is very disappointing:  an endless  10 minute walk  on hot cement paths, exposed in the sun, to see two small, mangy, pointed-nosed bears lying in the shade where you wish you could be.

All of us taking a soda break before seeing the two small, mangy, pointed-nose grizzly bears:






David Ray said...

Nice non-running photos!

Way to be the dad.

Jenna said...

i'm so glad that the new camera has not gone through permanent press and a tumble dry.

keith said...

thanks for the heads up on the grizzly exhibit...i wanted to see that, but I'll wait for an overcast day!!


you're not the first person to express disappointment in the grizzly exhibit.
Your comments are nearly identical to a few others I've heard.
Nice to see Addis out enjoying the day.

Andrew said...

Looks like the new camera works good. Gotta love the zoo

tiffany said...

Nice to see the pics. That Zeke, you just wanna squeeze him!