Monday, June 2, 2008

"Monday sans Marathon" OR "Afton-1; Pete & Joel-zero"

Pete & I ran at Afton State Park this morning because it has more difficult hills.  We need more muscles!

The morning started well.  We were running fast and running most of the hills.  We left the park on the north end and ran toward Afton, adding 5 miles to the park trails.  On the return to the park, we realized that we were not going to be able to run 26.2 today.  Instead...

20 miles; 3:44.00; 10.50 pace.  On the bright side, it was one of the faster runs that we've done recently.

On a side note:  I carry our FAMILY's digital camera in a Tinbuktu velcro carrying case attached to my Camelbak on a front strap.  It's very handy.  See something neat or photo-worthy (like a full-size pirate ship in a front yard waiting to be restored) and... reach up, open the velcro, slide out the camera and bingo - a wonderful photo to chronicle an unusual sighting during a run.

Today, when I arrived home, I loaded all my icky clothes and running items in the washing machine as I regularly do.  When they were done, Marty pointed out the pile of wet items so I could hang them as I regularly do.  As I hung the Camelbak on the line, I thought it strange that I should be drying the camera case...and yes, the camera inside it!

So, no photos on this blog for awhile.


Jenna said...

oh. now that's a bummer. sorry about that.

keith said...

That's a bummer! What kind of Camelbak do you use for running? I've yet to find something light to carry things like a camera, headlamp, etc.


that sucks! sorry to hear that.
My camera had been out of order since our 3/31 run in the blizzard. Apparently not a good season for us and cameras.

Unknown said...

I'm not certain which Camelbak it is. It holds a 72 oz bladder, has one mesh pocket along the bottom, one large zipper pocket on the top flap and one detachable zipper compartment that straps in under the lower buckle that attaches to the upper buckle.

I wish it possessed front compartment like the Nathan hydration system. Nevertheless, the Camelbak rides very well, is light, does not cause chaffing even without a shirt on. I carry regularly necessary items in a pouch in my waist pack. This is not redundant b/c I carry a bottle of energy drink with this waist pack.

Unknown said...

Oh yes, the Camelbak is sufficient to hold:
extra shirt,
lightweight rain jacket,
wipes in a baggy
baggy of trail mix
extra Cliff Bloks
extra salt pills (60)
charger for the Garmin along with the Garmin base
extra pair of socks
a portable defribrillator.

tiffany said...

That is a bummer. You have gotten some pretty nice photos! I carried a camera velcroed on to me for the TC marathon years ago. Stopped in front of the Governor's mansion and snapped a photo. Me and Jesse. I have proof. Oh, thanks for the book recommendation too! I might check it out.

David Ray said...

Bad news: Camera thru the washer.

Good news: You get to buy a new camera!!

Have you thought about sewing front pockets on the Camelbak? I've heard of guys getting pockets sewn on at places that do alterations. Or replacing the buckles with velcro strips.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the idea. I'll check into this.
Replacing the buckles with velco would be great. I'm always having to retighten them.