Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Home made cards.  A new deck fire pit.  House full of very nice little girls here for Gracie's birthday.

Emma's card included phrases and words that she claims I use quite often:


Oh my land!

That boy needs a haircut.

... she is crazy!

My car - I mean, our car.


tiffany said...

Oh my land? Why do we say stuff like that anyway? Very observant, Emma.

David Ray said...

Oh Lawww . . .

I'll be et for a tatur.

Nothing wrong with 'Oh my land!', don't you know. Wish more folks would use such clean, colorful phraseology.

Julie Ann Fee said...

that's pretty van, i mean our van, or the van that's what i say all the time....if i had a saab - oh let me tell you what, it would be all mine.

Unknown said...

I usually have to share it-though I haven't minded.