Saturday, June 7, 2008


We got in the truck to go someplace tonight.  Eli came equipped with 3-ring notebook, pen and an eagle-eye.  One if his sisters had encouraged him to see how many of each of his favorite cars he could spot while we were out.  Her motive may have been suspect;  Eli was busy the entire time and bothered not one of his siblings.
Here's what he found (yes, they are all actual cars.  I placed a link to the ones I didn't know were cars):

Ferrari      0
Mercedes 16
Porsche  2
Dodge Viper  0
Bugatti  0   (I told Eli that I'd give him $5 if we saw one of these!!)
Saleen  0   (sister just informed me that Eli hates this car)
Ford Gt  0
Dodge Charger 1
Corvette  3
Lamborghini 0
BMW 17
Aston Martin 0
Jaguar  5
Rolls Royce  0
Bentley  0
McClaren  0
Panoz  0
Spyker  0
Saab 16


David Ray said...

Looks like Eli has expensive tastes.

What, no Volvo?


It's dangerous to let him travel to Europe with his Grandparents.
With all those Scandinavians you he didn't see a single Volvo?!

tiffany said...

What kind of neighborhoods do you drive around in anyway? Mercedez, BMW, SAAB??? Wow. As I am writing this I hear some loud thumping outside (major bass action). I'm certain that car is all souped up and has nice rims. Oh, there goes another one. :)


I need to APOLOGIZE to you! Actually to your daughter, Grace. I don't believe I have actually formally met her. She was standing right next to you this morning at church and all I did was say HI to her. I was caught up in the conversation AND I was a bit rushed and didn't take the time to extend my hand to meet her of which it didn't really even dawn on me until I got into my car. So, please forgive me for my rudeness. She seems sweet and I would love to get to know her sometime! Blessings to you and your family.

Jenna said...

um. good work sister. maybe she could come here and observe and give me some fun and distracting activities for my boys!