Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday Marathon sans Pictures

Several weeks ago, I attempted to hang our digital camera out on the clothes line to dry. Because...that's what you do with stuff you place in the washing machine.

After some groveling and several missed family photo gems (the type that would win an award), Marty agreed that it was time to get a new one. Digital cameras now have twice as much stuff on them and cost half as much as when we bought our sun-dried camera. Maybe these new ones will even survive a good washing.

The camera arrived several days ago. Needless to say, I'm not running with it YET. I've reminded Marty that it was not the "running with" that was the problem but the post running failure-to-remove-now-dead-camera-from-running-apparel that was the direct cause. Marty prefers either the 1) "but for" test of causation from Salinetro in which the "injury" would not have happened "but for" the fact that I took the camera running, OR 2) the foreseeability test from the famous Palsgraf case in which Cardoza stated that I'm screwed because it was reasonably foreseeable that I would arrive home in a state of exhaustion and forget to remove the camera from my Camelbak and throw the entire stinky mass of clothing and supplies in the washing machine.

Causation is usually decided by the jury. Maybe you could leave a note to Marty on my behalf...

That said, there is no photo from yesterday's marathon. Pete and I ran 26.4 out at Afton; all in the park. We ran the 25k loop, took a break at the car, and then ran the course backward to the gravel road hill where we did two of those. It was a warm morning. Strangely, I was stronger at mile 20 than I was at mile 10. During the final miles, I was able to run up the gravel road hill and several other less significant ones. Coming down the trail before Meat Grinder (about mile 21), I was running a 6:40 mile pace. I can't explain it.

I hope to do the 25k loop on Saturday morning, early. Then nothing until the big Afton Race. Well, nothing except studying and taking non-running photos with our new camera!


Steve Stenzel said...

Nice run!! (and is it bad that the first little paragraph made me laugh?...)

Thanks for your comment on my blog!


I'd love to argue on your behalf but you've made such good arguments against yourself that I don't think I can help. Also...I know better than to step in between a husband/wife issue.
Sorry Brother, you're on your own.

keith said...

It must hold true that the more your weekly mileage increases the more speed you will gain!

Way to go on the really fast backstretch to the Meat Grinder. That part of the course always drives me into the ground.

Matthew Patten said...

I might be at Afton as well Saturday morning for 1 loop.

It's that or RTA with Adam and gang.

maybe I will see you there, without camera