Thursday, June 19, 2008

Monday's Run Report...

Yes, it's Thursday.  We ran on Monday.  That was 3 days ago.  It would be generous to say that I blog regularly.  More accurately, I blog sporadically (occurring at irregular intervals).

Since Monday, I've been in the basement, at my desk, studying for the bar.  It's a lot of fun.  Actually, it is becoming more and more despressingly apparent that one does not need to attend law school in order to pass the bar exam.  Of course, one does not learn this until one has gone through law school and then begun the bar preparation studies.  Let me paint the picture.

About 10 days after graduating from law school, 98% of law students enroll in a very expensive exam preparation course called Barbri. (I don't know what it means.) This course could also be called post-law-school school because classes run from 9-12:30 or 6-9:30 every day except Sunday and a few Saturdays.

A professor lectures on a law topic.  This week was Contracts and Sales.  So, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday resulted in 9 hours of Contracts & Sales lectures.  There are no questions, no discussions.  Only break-neck speed lectures.  The professors, who have studied all previous MN bar exams during the past 400 yrs, simply lecture on main points of law, and topics that the bar examines.  What results is a mind-numbing 3 day trek through materials that took 6 months in law school to digest.  

Ah, but you might think, Button missed Monday's lecture because of his Monday run (which he has failed to write about yet).  An attorney recommended getting the lectures on iPod and listening to them at home.  That's why I'm sitting in the basement so much.  By not driving into the cities to listen to the lectures, I save gas and about 1.5 hours a day on travel.  So far, I'm 1/2 day ahead of the actual lectures.  Monday night, because of the run, I was a full day behind.  Another reason I've been in  the basement a lot this week. 

So, now I can mention Monday's Run

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