Monday, June 30, 2008

Frantic Update

Ran the 25K loop at Afton with Matt, runnerbrewer.  I wanted to run fast and with as little walking as possible, especially after doing a 50 miler on Monday.  Matt is a very friendly and strong runner.  I walked twice the entire course: coming up the hill through the tall pines before campground and then again halfway up the final large hill.  
This was a fast run for me coming in at 2:36:20.

Church.  Incredible sermon about taking Christ to the Nations.
Agnews over for small group.

Hours of studying for the BAR.
Brines in Stillwater for $1.50 hamburgers.
MN Orchestra Concert in the park in Hudson, WI.  Got to see Matt from church play french horn.  Saw Jenny and kids as well.

Looking ahead this week:
Hours of studying
Marine on St Croix 4th of July 2 miler or 4 miler (we'll see which one the kids want to do)
Afton 50K on Saturday!


keith said...

Sounds like a busy, satisfying time! That's a really fast time for the 25K course right after doing a 50 miler! Whew!!

See you Saturday! Have you caught AFTON FEVER yet?!

Matthew Patten said...

I studied for a bar exam recently. I studied the beer I brewed which would be examined by a bar.

Fun run. See you in a few.