Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yes We Can

I just finished watching the infamous remake of Obama's speech on You Tube.
Wow.  If the presidential decision were based solely on inspirational productions, I'd be hooked.

Nightline tonight was about Obama.  Someone who "knows" said that people in his generation are following Obama like people followed the Beatles.   They don't really know why; it's exciting, they want to see where it will go.

I'm skeptical.  When people grow big because of mass, emotional followings, those big people often are not whom we thought.

Take a few minutes and Google "Obama a muslim."  Sure, there is wacky stuff on the web and at the check out counters.  

I remember many past elections when the other side dredged up everything from the past about my favorite candidate.  I'm curious how this will play out.



I'd rather compare Senator Obama with JFK or MLK in the way people are following rather than the Beatles.
I'd also prefer a President that is able to get the country fired up about being involved in their government (Yes WE Can) rather than one whose attitude is we'll "win" in Iraq even if it takes 100 years.


Oh, come on! Does nobody have anything to say about this?! I was sure this was the blog that would start something.