Thursday, February 21, 2008

Weather & Briefs

Honestly, before 3 years ago, I thought a brief was either a form of underwear or a misuse of an adjective.

I know what a brief is, now.  

There is a real, legal definition: a written legal document used in various legal adversary systems that is presented to a court arguing why a party to a case should prevail. - Wikipedia

My wife, who has now lived through several briefs, could probably provide a more accurate definition.  It would be less legal and more real.

Last spring, I had the privilege of working with an attorney to write an amici curiae brief for the MN Supreme Court. We started in January and finished in June. I was consumed.

I have a brief due tonight at midnight; one of the curses of the internet.  
Consequently, this past week, I have been consumed.  

Consequently, I haven't run much this week.  I blame it on the weather... and a brief.  


tiffany said...

Upon reading your title I thought a similar thing. maybe he runs in acclimate weather. in briefs? well, I'm glad i now know what a brief is in the world of law. i hope you got your brief completed on time and are now getting some rest!

Unknown said...

I did get the brief done last night. It did take until nearly midnight.

Jenny said...

woh woh woh woh woh... can you hear it? Charlie Brown's mother speaking? That means, "I still understand not of what you speak".
Glad you got it done. Whatever it is. :)
Joel, I am happy to report that I now have a post that would be worthy of a snotty comment.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you got it done! I wouldn't want anything to be weighing on your mind tonight at soccer. Now, do something good for your wife to honor her for putting up with your "brief" craziness.

Emma said...

yeah, i've always wondered why they're called, "briefs", when they're like, a gazillion pages long. what time did you get home last night?

SteveQ said...

Amici curiae... "friends of the court", or just "curious friends?" My Latin's as rusty as my Vulgate Bible.

Unknown said...

Hi Steve,

Friends of the court. I'm impressed that you read the Vulgate.

Are you doing Chippewa 50 in April?
That's my first big race of the year. Then, Trail Mix the next weekend.
Pete and I are doing Leadville again.
Are you?

SteveQ said...

I'm doing Chippewa and Trail Mix, but not Leadville. I'm also doing the Superior 50K, Ice Age 50 mile, either FANS or Kettle Moraine 100, Afton, 1/2 Voyageur marathon, Voyageur 50M, Superior 100 mile, Glacial Trail 50 mile, a bunch of shorter trail races and maybe the Lean Horse 50.

Julie Berg and Kurt Decker are doing Leadville. Kurt'll be up front.