Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Duel in the Sun

I just finished John Brant's Duel in the Sun. The famous marathon battle between Dick Beardsley, fellow Minnesotan who also ran along the St. Croix River, and Alberto Salazar. Brant compellingly describes the inner demons that each man faced before and after the 1982 Boston marathon duel. Beardsley and Salazar used running to battle their demons and their demons battered their running.
There are many reasons why I run. Not many are noble. Neither do I have many demons. Nevertheless, I want to live passionately. I want to worship passionately. I want to be a passionate husband and passionate father. I want to run passionately. Duel in the Sun is a passionate description of two passionate men with a passion for life and running. A must read for all runners.

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