Monday, February 4, 2008

How to Redeem a Blog Site?

I attended a rally for teenagers last night. It was put on by two brothers. Actually, two twin brothers. They are nineteen years old. That is significant.

When they were sixteen, they began blogging. They blogged about teenagers. But not what one would think about teenagers. They wrote about how teens could do more than what our culture thinks they can do. Long story short: they semi-clerked for an AL Supreme Court judge, they ran four Supreme Court judge campaigns, put on 4 national conferences in 2007 and have plans for twice that many in 2008 and wrote a book. They just turned 19.

Brett and Alex Harris are literally the brain-children of a movement called "THE REBELUTION: Do Hard Things." It's a novel idea that teenagers can accomplish things, at least for most everyone I know.

So, inspired by two boys whose fashion sense is only rivaled by their energy to do hard things, I am endeavoring to maintain a blog about running, that is more than a blog about running.

I want to explore what it means to ultra run. What gets sacrificed? Is running a redemptive activity? Is it good stewardship? How does a sovereign God get glory as I stumble through Afton State Park, while my wife is feeding, dressing and raising all the kids that morning?

All things, all activities.


Ethan Book said...

Ahh, the wonders of Google. I just hung up the phone and now I'm commenting on your blog! Maybe you can inspire me to run a little, but I am interested in your thoughts on running and for the Glory of God!

God gets the Glory ... We get the Joy! (I think I heard something along those lines somewhere...)

Unknown said...

Well, your phone call was very timely. I'd just decided to start working on this blog. You are the BLOG KING. Thanks for directing me to feedburner. I've had 14 people look at my blog. Would you subscribe to my Blog? You'd be the first.