Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wild River State Park

Yesterday, Pete and I explored a state park neither of us had visited. Wild River State Park is about 15 miles north of Taylor's Falls on the MN side of the St. Croix River. Check out Wild River State Park or Wild River State park at the MN DNR site.
We didn't run the entire 35 miles of trails, nor the 18 mile stretch along the river. Nevertheless, we have found a new ultra trail running location. We'll need to do hill training at Afton because the bluffs at Wild River are not as high.
At Afton, there is a stretch of trail along the river. It's about 2.5 miles long. It is flat; a former train track. It does provide relief from the many hills at Afton. But, it is straight and monotonous. The trail along the river at Wild River is rolling and crooked.
At Afton, we had trained ourselves to walk often because of the hills. This proved problematic at Leadville. There were numerous runnable sections. My body wanted some small hills so I could walk. Wild River seems to provide miles of trails that don't require walking. Maybe I can retrain my body.

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