Monday, February 11, 2008

Blogger Fodder

I've been a little consumed with school and the cold.   Sometimes we just get consumed by something that takes us away from our ritual.  Thus, no entries for the past few days.

Tonight, as I sat down to write extremely sage thoughts, my wife asked me to read her most recent blog entry.   But first, let me digress.

When I re-started this blog several weeks ago, my wife could do nothing but mock and deride me. She hated the word "blog;" said it sounded like "scab" or "barf."  She said I was "wasting my time, writing about myself all day."

All that changed when I told her that 54 people had visited my blog on one day. (It happened to be the day after I emailed every person, friend, relative, enemy and legal entity that popped into my email "To:" field.)  That night, I was commissioned to set-up her blog site.

I just finished reading her blog for today.  It's not worth it for me to write a blog today.  Hers is so good, and funny.  So, go be consumed by her most recent article about child IN-appropriate animal activity, "Innocence Lost,"  at her new blogsite.


Anonymous said...

Marty should consider a career in stand-up comedy as well as writing. I like your entries too though so keep writing. Beth

Lis said...

Thanks for posting the link to her blog; I'll be reading both of yours faithfully :)

Julie Ann Fee said...

marty is sooo funny. you guys make me laugh.