Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Talking with My Daughter

Tonight, as I returned home from a UMTR board meeting, I drove through Stillwater. Since Marty wasn't answering her cell phone, I called and talked with Emma. Everyone was still downtown for Summer Tuesdays.
So, I parked at the office and walked to where they were sitting next to the river.
And I sat and talked with Emma. There were lots of people around I could have talked with. But most enjoyable of them all was my own daughter.
We joked about the band, talked about the book that we are reading (or should I say, not reading) together, committed ourselves to reading again and meeting to discuss it, and talked about a certain YOUNG boy that also happened to be downtown with his parents. Unlike his peers, he sat with his parents.
I really had no desire to talk with any one other than Emma. That is a blessing.


Julie Ann Fee said...

sweet. i had a good night with my daughter too...

Chris Swenke said...


Must have been a good night for daughters. My two girls and a I had a picnic at Willow River State park and did some swimming.

Hope all is well.