Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chicago or North Shore or Home

The Laslos in Chicago

Chicago. Last year when I took the four oldest to the U2 concert.

The North Shore, Lutsen Lodge beach.


About every three years, the stars align and we find ourselves with a number of the children someplace other than in the house. This is usually in large part to grandparents. At these times, Marty and I scramble to jettison the other children and get away together. Past successes have resulted in trips to New York twice and Boston once.

Well, the stars have aligned again: Grace is going to AR, Emma and Eli to grandparents, and friends from church are graciously willing to take the other four. So, to celebrate our 20th anniversary, Marty and I are going to... we don't know.

Cabins up North are expensive right now. But it's so restful and serene.
Great family friends in Chicago have said we can stay with them. In fact, spending time with them is much more precious than anything on the Magnificent Mile. However, that's a seven hour drive.

Tonight, we wondered if we shouldn't just stay home. We have large trees in our back yard, the trail through the forest is restful and serene, and with enough agitation, the pool can sound like Lake Superior waves. And to get the big city feel, we could drive into Minneapolis for a night on the town.

Regardless of what we decide, one thing is absolutely clear to me: we are old. A young couple would bolt. Staying home sounds so good.


Julie Ann Fee said...

staycation!! sean and i did that a few months ago. we farmed all the kids out and had a weekend and stayed home. it was great...we went out on the town one night and then didn't the other nights. lol about the pool sounding like lake superior.

DT said...

Smart Husband.