Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Running Long? Really?

I have a friend who runs, like everyday. Not far, but almost everyday.
That blows my mind. I can't do that. Over the course of a year, they will run way further than I will run over the course of a year. Seriously.

Add it up:

Daily Runner Friend
4 days a week, say 2-3 miles.
4 X 52 weeks = 208 days of running
208 days X 2.5 miles (we'll split the difference) = 520 miles

pre FANS runs
(some frozen river runs in Jan, a couple night runs between Feb and June) = 45 miles
Ryan's Valentine's Day run = 55 miles
Shawn's underground = 23 miles
Fans = 92.75 miles
Afton = 31 miles
maybe Superior = 50 miles
Pete's Underground = 50 miles
maybe some runs in the fall = 45 miles
TOTAL = 391.75 miles

Look who actually runs more!!


Chris Swenke said...


For me at least my daily running holds three major purposes of stress reduction, weight control and last but not least, training for the next event. Though always tough to find the time for a daily run with a growing family running is something I rely on to be a better dad and husband.

I commend your stamina for I would never be able to accomplish the distances you do without daily/regular training. I suppose we are all wired a bit differently.

Hope all is well,

Scott said...

OK, I knew you were a minimal runner like me, but do you seriously run THAT little? Wow! I'm impressed. It really gets in my head to not do events when I haven't been keeping up regularly. I like your approach.

Unknown said...

This year, I do run that seldom.
I am going out on Tuesday night since the moon is full, though.

I have no problem running a race even though I haven;t been training. I just look at the race as a training run, I try to enjoy other runners more, I try to use the race to experiment with food or tablets, and I really have come to understand that life comes in seasons - sometimes it's a season to train lots, other times it's a season to spend more time with family. And all those people racing ahead of me are in a different season than I right now.

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