Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blogging and Life

Someone recently commented that I hadn't posted in a while.
I was stunned to realize that I hadn't realized that I hadn't posted in a while.

I guess I've been busy since last week; I haven't even posted about the Afton 50K from this weekend.

And so I thought, you know, I blog in a similar fashion to how I run. In fact, I run in a similar way in which I live.

And it's actually not really how I imagined myself to live, or have striven to live. I've always thought of myself as being more disciplined, more orderly, regimented.

But the truth is, that's just not how I am. And it's taken me 42 years to realize that.

I blog when I feel like it or am inspired, rather than every day.

I run when I feel like it, when I get too itchy to stand it any longer, and when it fits with the rest of the family schedule. I don't run every day. I used to. It wasn't as great as I thought it was.

I wish I were more regimented; especially in a few areas. But it's okay. Every run is a good run. Every day has turned out to be a good day...for 42 years.

Actually, some days have turned out to be incredible.

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