Saturday, July 5, 2008

Today was a great day to run a 50K at Afton.  I've got photos to prove it.  

But first... 

Every ultra-runner has one of those days when things don't go as planned.  We're supposed to roll with punches, take what we get and still come through victorious.  I'm not sure I came through victorious, but it certainly was a run to go down in the history books.

At mile 8, I felt weak.  Could be a number of reasons: studying every day for the bar and having to pry my legs out from underneath the desk; not sleeping well as I'm having dreams about the bar exam(a later blog); a few long runs in the last 10 days; a sore earlobe; the list goes on...

At mile 8, I also noticed a pain in my left heel that was unusual.  It felt like a blister.  Hmm... I've run 5 pairs of Brooks Cascadias into the ground over the past year.  Not once have I had a blister.  Even after running Chippewa 50K in ankle and knee-deep snoe - no blister.  So I concluded it couldn't be a blister.  At halfway, I checked inside my shoe for a rock or stick.  Nothing.  Nevertheless, the pain increased.  At mile 18, when it popped, I knew very well that this was a blister.  I've never experienced so much pain below the knee.  

Turns out that the blister is 2 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and covers my entire left heel.  The picture doesn't do it justice. Take a look:

So, what caused this abnormality? Could the culprit be...

No, these things are like good leather gloves.

The culprit?

YES! Look what I found inside on the heel!

A tiny strand of fabric that must have started rubbing from the start and just kept working its magic.


David Ray said...

Ouch. I use those socks on shorter stuff but switched to Injinji's for the longer runs. Heal fast, it looks painful.

Unknown said...

If you can get it, get some second skin by Spenco or a similar product by J & J. Try socks from Aetrex. They are seamless and very comfortable. I run with them.

Dr. Peter Wishnie