Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"He sounded like your wife," said my wife.

On Sunday, while taking a practice bar exam, my wife noticed bulls-eye marks on child #3's arms.  Having just read a little brochure about lyme disease, my wife reasonably freaked out.  Actually, she responded very well.  She drove into town and showed my running partner, Pete.  Pete knows a lot.  

In the course of the office visit, or "store" visit, Pete and Marty started talking about my Afton 50K race the day before.  This led to a discussion of my enormous heel blister and its strange appearance.

Pete assured her that this was in fact not the first blister that I have had since running in Brooks Cascadias.  Pete told Marty, with astonishing detail, that I actually had a blister last summer.  Having so much intimate knowledge about me, Marty related that she felt like she was talking to my wife.

A good running partner is hard to find, but like my great wife, they're indispensable.
Child #3 is fine.


keith said...

You and Pete do seem like pretty close pals. I don't know what it is, but one has the tendency to open up more when running next to someone on a trail.

Maybe there's an idea there for some therapist!!


Pete just acts like he knows alot.
Pretty convincing isn't it?

As for the sounding like your wife comment...
I'll need therapy for that one.
Thanks Marty!

Jenna said...

can marty start blogging again? i think i'd like her take on the blister.

is a blister just a blister? or is there a something deeper there? (funny, at first i wrote, "is there a deeper lesion there?" just wondering how/if you consider God's sovereignty in regards to threads in your socks.