Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bar Exam Retreat?

I've been tapering...for the bar exam. Yes, tapering. I've been putting in between 5-7 hours/day since July 6. About 3/day in June. As this past week came to a close, I've been having an increasingly difficult time staying focused after about 2.5 hours. My focus would diminish and information would leave my brain as quickly as it got in. After several frustrating days, Marty suggested that, like with preparing for a race, the body and mind might just need to slow down. So, the past two days have seen only 3 hours of studying. Tonight, I'll review some flash cards I made.

Tomorrow, I'll get myself to a hotel near the exam site and do several things;
1) review flash-cards and some text I wrote for the essay portion,
2) "walk the course," i.e. walk from the hotel to the exam site to check for time and obstructions (and look for a Starbucks),
3) scope out a place to get lunch on both Tuesday and Wednesday (only 1 hour between morning and afternoon testings and nearly 1000 people from the bar exam alone trying to find similar sustenance), and
4) rest.

Like a run, I've made lists and packed my bags. Here's a peek at the bar-prep stuff for tomorrow afternoon:

from left to right: 2 book containing lecture outlines (I'll only open these if I really need to recheck something), Bible (if God could take a group of 3 million people who had been slaves for 430 years and liberate them in one day, and in the middle of such a colossal event send them off with full bellies, I'm thinking that regardless of the outcome of this exam, we'll be fine), a baggy filled with pens and admission card for Tuesday and a baggy filled with wooden and mechanical pencils & eraser for Wednesday (nothing else is allowed in the exam center), and stacks of flash-cards (with pink labels on top).

Close-up of the baggies.


Runnin-From-The-Law said...

You are all set!

Good luck!

The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

We'll be praying for you during your exam.

The Books

keith said...

a perfect example of how running can directly prepare you for real-life!!

Great post!

phillip gary said...

Great planning.

As written in Ben Stein's "Bunk House Logic," it's all process man, it's all process.

On your behalf, I'll speak to the Head Judge Upstairs during my daily pleas . . . .

Best on the Trails (whoops, I mean TRIALS)
Phillip Gary Smith

Matthew Patten said...

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