Saturday, July 5, 2008

Read the Last Blog Before this One

OK. It was a tough day at the races. I completed the 50K while a large blister took over possession of my heel. Something like a leech. I get done, drink a few iced beverages - nothing alcoholic because it's prohibited in MN state parks - walk my body and watermelon-sized blister up to the car and discover that the Camelbak pocket that housed my car key is EMPTY!
The key is probably still out there trying to complete the 50K without me!

The spare set was safely at home on the hook (3rd from the left).

How to get that spare?!?!

My wonderful wife, who was at Target with all 5 of the kids, took them home, got a babysitter [a.k.a. a Star Wars Video], and drove down to the park with the spare.


phillip gary said...

You're one very lucky dude.

Phillip Gary Smith

SteveQ said...

Funny how little things can become big problems in an ultra. You'll be fine by Leadville; I know it.